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Mac OS X Deleted File Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac?

Data in computer is stored on hard drive. Such stored data over Mac operating system is accessed by making use of file system, which has got all the information about the saved location of file. Sometimes, user encounters situations where they find that some important files have been deleted from volume. Such situation develops over Mac OS despite being one of the well protected operating system from various drawbacks such as virus intrusion. There are plenty of chances of losing data from Mac OS. If you are a Mac user and your some important files are missing from system, don’t worry!!! It can be acquired. Yes!!! you read it correctly,” It can be acquired”. Take a deep breath of relax, Mac OS file recovery software is available which can play a very fair role to deal situation like this.

There are many scenarios where data loss from Mac is possible, some important one is like accidental deletion, files deleted from Mac trash and third party can also delete file. Suppose user is deleting some useless files from system, but by mistakes some important files also got deleted using “Command + Delete”. Files deleted using “Command +Delete” permanently lost because it by pass thrash. Thus user is left with only option to use recovery software to get back accidently deleted file from system. File Recovery tool is one of the popular tools that can help to recover deleted files from Macintosh operating system.

The other most common misconception of people is that files deleted from system cannot be brought back. The general assumption of user is that when a file is deleted from system it goes to trash. If it is deleted from thrash then it is impossible to retrieve those files but it is completely wrong and the truth is that when a file is deleted then only entry is un-indexed from file system. File is still residing on the volume and can be recovered by means of recovery software. This Mac deleted file recovery software reviews is given by Tucows Software, Mac Format Magazine, ComputerWorld, Daily App Show, Utility Software, The Bottom Line and many more.

It does not matter how the files or folders are deleted from volume, it can be recovered with the help of Mac OS X File Recovery software which is capable of retrieving deleted data from Mac. It is non-destructive data recovery tool and is simple to use. It maintenances various brands of external hard disk and searching of file can be done based on the signature. It is accomplished with recovery of data from various Mac devices like MacMini, MacBookPro, and MacBook Air etc. easily. It supports data recovery from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, ExtFAT and FAT32 formatted volumes and successfully works for 64 bit and 32 bit Mac OS X systems. It can also recover complex data erasure scenario using an advance algorithms which is key feature if this application and “Save Recovery Session” feature of this tool helps avoid rescanning of Mac volume. It is safe and secure and recovers hundred percent genuine data without any modification.

Steps to perform Mac deleted file recovery:

Step 1: Install Mac OS X File Recovery software and then select the option "Recover Files". After selecting mentioned option on home screen, click on "Recover Deleted Files" as shown in Fig A.

Mac Deleted File Recovery Software Reviews - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: On next window screen, select a particular logical drive and click the "Next" tab. Now software will start scanning the drive as shown in Fig B.

Mac Deleted File Recovery Software Reviews - Scanning Process

Fig B: Scanning Process

Step 3: After completion of the scanning process, recovered files can be previewed from the window screen as shown in the Fig C.

Mac Deleted File Recovery Software Reviews - Preview Recovered Files

Fig C: Preview Recovered Files

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For Lion (10.7),
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